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The Newfoundland and Labrador Prescription Drug Program recently made changes to the approved quantities of blood glucose test strips it will cover on a yearly basis. Changes are effective July 1, 2016. Read the latest updates here.

Province-by-province coverage for diabetes supplies, medication and equipment

Whether you’ve been testing and managing your diabetes for years, or this is all new to you, you need to know which costs related to your diabetes may be paid by your province or territory, and which costs may be paid by you.

The information detailed here is for public (provincial and federal) coverage programs. If your health coverage is through a private insurance plan, some costs related to diabetes may be eligible for reimbursement. Contact your insurance provider for details.

Use the interactive map to select your province or territory:

Disclaimer: The information in this resource is for general information purposes only and is not a substitute for provincial resources that may exist. Consult your healthcare professional if you have further questions about coverage related to your blood glucose testing and medication.

Blood glucose test strips

Coverage for blood glucose test strips is different for every province and territory in Canada, and usually applies only to people who do not have alternative coverage through a private insurer. For up-to-date information on coverage and limits where you live, click on your province or territory below.


Blood glucose meters may be obtained from your healthcare provider or pharmacy. Learn more about OneTouch® meters to understand which meter is right for you.

Blood glucose testing:
It’s vital to your health

Consistent blood glucose testing is an essential part of managing your diabetes. It tells you how meals, activities, stress and medications can affect your glucose levels. It also tells you when your levels are dangerously high or low – so that you can take action accordingly.

Your healthcare provider can recommend how often you should be testing based on your diabetes management needs. You can find information on how often you should be testing from the Canadian Diabetes Association as well. There may be situations where your healthcare provider recommends a testing frequency that requires more test strips than your coverage allows. In those situations, your healthcare provider may have options available to help you have additional strips reimbursed.

Read more about when, and when not, to test.