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Take charge of glucose testing with articles on how and when to test, downloadable logbooks, how-to videos, and much more.

Finger with blood from diabetes meter prick

Testing How To's


Testing is a daily part of life when you have diabetes. Whether you’re new to testing or just want a quick refresher, we have the 101 on testing with these how-to videos.

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Testing in unusual places

Sebastien Sasseville shares testing tips in unusual places


Outrun Diabetes athlete Sebastien Sasseville shares testing approaches he uses to get the most correct results, even in the most unusual of places.

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Sébastien Sasseville shares his scariest moments


Have you ever experienced a scary moment or two living with diabetes? Well, you are not alone. Listen to athlete Sébastien Sasseville to find out about his scary moments and what he’s learned from them.

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Your BestDays™ Diabetes Checklist


There are a lot of ‘to do’s’ when managing diabetes. This BestDays™ Diabetes Checklist can help you stay on top of them.

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